The Bridge Pacers Sports Club had helped put together the event which was attended by representatives of the Virtual Running Club, Hash House Harriers, Cycology and other independent runners in the city.
Mrs. El-Khalil, who spoke passionately about the events that culminated in the birth of the Beirut International Marathon held the runners spell bound as they watched a 7 minutes video about the marathon and its founder.
She had made an impression.
She had sown seeds
The runners left with the realization that running is not just an activity, but a tool that can be used to unify people across genders, religions and races.
For more information about the Beirut International Marathon and Mrs. El-Khalil, please visit the BMA website

It was a privilege to have Mrs. Solape Adio, CEO, Rosalitas Confectionery Limited and member of Cycology introduce an energy bar that will boost the performance of runners in Nigeria. These bars, created by her, are naturally flavored with peanuts, chocolates and cashew nuts with no preservatives.
The evening ended on a high note as May expressed her appreciation to all and invited Nigerian runners to participate in the 2017 Beirut International Marathon which holds in Lebanon on November 12, 2017.
From Lagos to Beirut, PEACE, LOVE, RUN was the slogan for the day.
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